Admin Architect does a huge work to persist your model, presented by a Form. It also handles Images, Files, RelationShips, etc...

But somethimes it is not enough, you need a way to store your Form differently.

For these cases we provide a Resource-dedicated service called: Saver

Create saver

Let's store our users differently

php artisan administrator:saver Users

The Savers are stored in a App\Http\Terranet\Administrator\Savers directory There is one single public method sync() and a bunch of protected methods you might wish to verwrite.

By let's say, we need to create a log record, once a User were saved:

Note! Yes, we know, there is a better way to do it (using events, etc...), but just for a demonstration purpose, let's do it here...

public function sync()
	# preserve parent functionality

	$admin = auth('admin')->user();

		'edited_by' => $admin->id,
		'action' => 'save',
		'data' => $this->request->all()